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How Do I sell my first product? #5

 When it comes to selling, we learn best by doing and the more we do it the more confident we’ll become in ourselves […]

How do I create a brand for my business? #4

 “Tap into the character of the people behind the business, naturally. You’ve got to know who you’re talking to. Know exactly who your […]

How Do I Come Up With A Business Idea? #3

 How Do I Come Up With A Business Idea? How can we filter out the good ideas from the bad ones? How can […]

What Is An Entrepreneur? #2

 ” I think an entrepreneur looks at things with a fresh set of eyes and looks at how they can do things differently. […]

Taking The First Steps #1

 We are asked lots of questions from the students, teachers, parents and businesses we engage with year on year. Questions about entrepreneurship, starting […]

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