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My Company Journey #1

New Company ‘JustMyself’ from Boys’ Model Belfast are gearing up for our Big Market

16 year old Carter Cunningham, Company Secretary took some time out to tell us about his Company Programme Journey so far:

Do you know what profession you want to go into or career path you might like to pursue in the future?  Entrepreneur.
How did you get involved with Young Enterprise?  My enrichment in school.
What made you interested in the project? I would love to start my own Business someday. 
What does your company do?  We have created a children’s book about Hidden Disabilities, to help spread awareness about hidden disabilities.
What sets your company apart from others in the market (either Young Enterprise or generally)? It’s never been done before and we care about spreading awareness not profit.
How did you come up with your idea for your product? We brainstormed all different problems and one of the problems that arose was not enough people are aware of hidden disabilities.  We all know someone with a hidden disability whether it’s friend’s family or ourselves and we believe there is not much awareness about it. 
What has been the biggest challenge with your company to date? Building awareness of our Social media page and publishing of the book. 
What would you say has been the most important thing you have learned about business so far? Confidence in our product.
What were the 3 main things you or your team had to do to get your product off the ground? Raise capital for the business, work as a team and ensure everyone completes their tasks.
What would you say to other young people who might be interested in the programme? It’s a great opportunity to develop a vast array of skills. 

What are you most looking forward to on the day at the Big Market? Selling our amazing book. You should buy it too.

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