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Young people explore the digital industry as part of Young Enterprise Digital Masterclasses held across Northern Ireland.


We currently work with xxxx primary schools across Northern Ireland providing a variety of flexible programmes which will engage all our young learners from 5 – 11 years old  in a ’learning by doing’ way. Young people will enhance their personal development skills, team skills, improve problem-solving skills and develop leadership and presentation skills.

Business Beginnings programme– with the inclusion of expert business volunteers who will encourage our young people to think about what it takes to be entrepreneurial and enterprising in learning, life, and work, our students aged 9 – 11 years old will get to promote and sell their entrepreneurial innovations at local trade fairs throughout the year and will come together at our Business Beginning’s finale in Victoria Square on May 31st

Our Business Beginnings programme is supported by Ni4kids. Northern Ireland’s leading family magazine.


We currently work with xxxx secondary schools across Northern Ireland providing them with a  variety of programmes suitable for every year group, year 9 – through to year xx There are day activities, monthly challenges, and our year-long Company Programme.

Students will gain practical business experience and key skills, as well as understanding of how these skills can be applied to everyday life and help them succeed in the world of work.

Company Programme: Young people, supported by a business volunteer will make all the decisions about their enterprise , from deciding the company name and product to creating a business plan and managing the finances.

Our students will create and promote their innovative product or service at local Trade Fairs throughout Northern Ireland and come together at our ‘Big Market’ in December at St Georges Market Belfast.

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