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The key to generating a more vibrant economic future?

Start with our next generation, the younger the better.  That is the mission of Young Enterprise; making a growing impact across Northern Ireland as it forges a connected world of young people, business volunteers and educators dedicated to succeeding through enterprise.

The dynamic, fast-growing charity, which reaches 90,000 school children every year, launched their first ever Impact report this week which affirms their role in developing an ethos of innovation and entrepreneurship in primary and post primary schools across Northern Ireland.

Young Enterprise offers enterprise and entrepreneurship education for all young people, regardless of age, gender, background or location. Today 81% of post primary schools are taking part, but the goal is to extend access to every one of Northern Ireland’s schools.

Newly appointed Young Enterprise Chairman, Tim Brundle says:  ‘Access to every young person is vital to our charity, not just top academic performers, not just those that can afford it, not just older students. Everyone needs what we can bring throughout their education, to embed a culture of enterprise, aspiration and confidence in their own skills and abilities. Young Enterprise programmes are designed to build the abilities employers say they need, helping businesses and young people to thrive and excel in a rapidly changing world.

Tim Continues; ‘The Skills Barometer and recent CBI employer research confirms the pressing need for everyone to have employability skills and be commercially aware, not just those who studied business.  Because these competencies are the foundation of our future economy, the Northern Ireland Executive has recognised the value of enterprise education as part of its economic strategy and embedded it in the curriculum.  The range of abilities required, whether you’re starting your own business or working for someone else, are wide-ranging. You need to be able to think innovatively and creatively, to take decisions and solve problems, to work as part of a team and communicate clearly. That’s why  Young Enterprise is working in partnership with schools to ensure these skills are infused across the education curriculum in NI, and why the Department of Education support us to get schools and young people involved. It’s also why business invests in Young Enterprise. They know we are developing the toolkit and attributes they need for the future workforce”.

Tommy O’Reilly, Department of Education adds; “I am delighted to be at the launch of this Report.  I would like to commend Young Enterprise on its work to better prepare our young people as they leave education to enter the world of work. The report highlights the importance of enterprise and entrepreneurship in the education of all of our young people, regardless of age or background.  I would also encourage employers to continue with their engagement with young people to help equip them to be the innovators and future leaders of our society”.

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