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Young Enterprise Business Volunteers inspire Future Entrepreneurs

Imagine becoming a supporting character in one of Northern Ireland’s entrepreneurial success stories. Young Enterprise Business Volunteers inspire our future entrepreneurs as they develop their skills, confidence and determination to lead Northern Ireland from peace to prosperity.

Young Enterprise delivers a suite of programmes in schools in all areas of Northern Ireland designed to inspire our future entrepreneurs. Our classroom programmes use engaging games and activities to teach enterprise skills, while our entrepreneurship programmes support young people to start their own businesses and provide opportunities for them to trade online and in-person.

Classroom Programmes (1-4 hours)

Play your part in delivering Young Enterprise programmes in schools by giving as little as one hour of your time. Join a Young Enterprise trainer to help deliver our fun and engaging classroom-based programmes to Primary or Post-Primary pupils and help bring business to life.

Primary School

Full of fun and energy, our Primary programmes are an exciting early glimpse into the world of work, business and entrepreneurship. Pupils learn early-stage skills in financial capability, creativity and teamwork and work readiness.

They are tailored to each age group and are brought to life by a Business Volunteer who is joined by a Young Enterprise trainer.

Duration: Up to XX hours

Post-Primary School

Our post-primary programmes provide opportunities for students explore business concepts and learn skills for early adulthood including financial capability, creativity, teamwork, problem-solving, work readiness and confidence.

Students enjoy working with a Business Volunteer who brings real-life knowledge from outside of the school experience.

Duration: Up to XX hours

Entrepreneurship Programmes (Recurring weekly)

Make a big impact on our future entrepreneurs by mentoring them as they start and run their very own real business. These volunteers have a real opportunity to inspire and connect with future entrepreneurs and get hands-on with their development by providing guidance and lived experience tot heir development.

Business Beginnings

Becoming a Business Beginnings volunteer allows you to take a Primary 7 class on a business start-up experience with a real product, real marketing and real sales.

You will help them to create their first business on their entrepreneurship journey.

Duration: XX weeks

Company Programme

Company Programme volunteers mentor a group of 16-18 year olds to start and run a business throughout the academic year.

This opportunity is also offered to SEN schools (Team Programme) and University students (Start-Up Programme)

Duration: XX weeks

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