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Young Money

Over the last two years, Young Enterprise has developed its Young Money brand focused on financial education. The charity has worked with CCEA to develop financial education frameworks for Primary and Post Primary for cross-curricular delivery. Working with Money and Pensions Service, the charity has evaluated under 7s programme provision, developed the NI version of the Your Money Matters textbook and distributed the SEN resource Spending Sense to schools.

Evaluation of Under 7 programme delivery in NI, funded by MaPS

The evaluation identified a significant change in teacher attitudes towards financial education. Teachers interviewed suggested that YE ‘Ourselves’ and ‘Our Families’ programmes helped reinforce positive attitudes to financial education by providing new, fun ways to engage their pupils. Teachers commented on the flexibility of the resources for use across the ability range, and their applicability to different areas of the curriculum which helped to develop their pupils’ key skills.
Teachers and volunteers felt the pilot raised awareness of the value of supporting children to think about what to do with their money at a younger age. ‘Ourselves’ raised children’s awareness of the role of money, as a foundation for potentially building their financial mindset and ability through ‘Our Families’ (for six- to seven-year-olds).

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Post Primary
Your Money Matters

Textbook co-authored by Martin Lewis OBE (Money Saving Expert) & Young Money. Copies sent to all NI schools, funded by MaPS and MSE. 

Post Primary SEN Spending Sense

MaPS funded copies sent to all NI SEN schools and units to provide curriculum support for delivery of Financial Education to SEN students.

Financial Education Framework:
3-11 Years

We have found that on average children begin to receive pocket money aged seven, own their first mobile phone at eight, and purchase items online at 10. The need for young people to develop the skills to earn and look after their money has never been stronger.

Financial Education Framework:
11-19 Years

They can open a bank account at 11. At 18 they can apply for a credit card or loan, and before they leave school they have to make crucial decisions about jobs, student loans, and living independently. The need for young people to develop the skills to earn and look after their money has never been stronger.

Designed for students aged 14-17, but suitable for all post-primary young people, My Money Matters is a 6-unit course, which provides young people with the opportunity to explore their own attitudes to money and gain a few key financial skills to help them in the real world. The course features interactive quizzes, case studies, and scenario-based videos and young people will receive a digital certificate and record of achievement on completion. Find out more about My Money Matters here.

For access to further financial education resources and programmes visit the UK-wide Young Money website here.

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