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Online Learning FAQ


What is YE Academy? 

YE Academy is an online learning platform where you can get access to YENI programmes.

What is a facilitator?  

A facilitator is a person who helps support and guide a learner to achieve the learning outcomes within a programme.  

The facilitator within YENI programmes can be the teacher, trainer, volunteer or when remote learning is in place it can be a parent/guardian.  

What browser is recommended? 

The latest version of Google Chrome is the suggested browser for best functionality in all devices. 

How do I access YE Academy? 

To access YE Academy click here, your teacher would have been provided with a username and password for each student. Please contact your teacher for further information. 

What competitions are running and how do I enter? 

For information on all competitions, check our social media pages and website for up-to-date information. (Links to all our social media sites and top of page) 

Who completes facilitator evaluation form? 

The facilitator evaluation form is to be completed by the teacher only. 

As a facilitator how can I view the learners who has fully completed the programme?

Click here to gain access to a step-by-step video to give facilitators an overview of accessing the YE Academy online platform and navigating around the main areas that teachers may use. 

Programme is not showing when I login. 

If you have logged in for the first time and you have no programmes displayed please contact your teacher. If this is not your first login and you have accessed the programme before then it may have been completed. If it has disappeared click on the resources tab and you should have access to all programmes.  

I am unable to login using the username and password provided. 

If you are unable to login with the username and password provided contact your teacher and ensure you have been given the correct details. If still unable to login complete our contact form at the end of this page with the username and password provided to you with your school/centre name and we will be back in contact once the issue is resolved.  

Programme appears when login however unable to click / select programme. 

This issue would arise due to compatibility, ensure you are accessing YE Academy via the latest up-to-date version of Google Chrome and clear Cached Data & browsing history in ChromeClick here to check device compatibility with our YE Academy platform. 

Unable to upload via the upload button provided. 

We advise you to download the pdf files and save onto your own workspace, once completed email to your teacher. 

Can I resend or edit a worksheet uploaded? 

Unfortunately, once you have submitted a document/ completed work sheet you will not be able to upload again. We advise you to download the pdf files and save onto your own workspace, once completed email to your teacher. 

Unable to enlarge / zoom-in on images.

If you are trying to enlarge/ zoom-in on an image using a mobile device unfortunately they are limited functionality when using a mobile device however you should be able to use this function if you are accessing YE Academy via the latest Google Chrome browser. If issues persist, click here to ensure your device is fully compatible with the YE Academy portal or complete our contact form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you. 

Videos are not playing. 

Ensure you are accessing YE Academy via the latest version of Google Chrome to begin. If you are viewing via the latest version of chrome and issue continues, Clear Cached Data & browsing history in Chrome. Update Google Chrome. Update Adobe Flash Player. Disable Hardware Acceleration Plugins in Chrome

Video is playing with no sound. 

Ensure you are accessing YE Academy via the latest version of Google Chrome to begin. If you are viewing via the latest version of chrome and issue continues, make sure the video is not muted or volume has not been set to the lowest position on your device. The site may have been muted on the browser to unmute right-click on the site’s tab and click “Unmute Site.” If issue continues fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you. 

If you wish to contact us with a question, query or suggestion click the button below.

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