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Our YE Academy platform takes entrepreneurship education online – interactive solutions for classroom based or home-learning.

Our digital and blended programmes are full of fun, interactive activities designed for easy delivery. For most, it’s a matter of turning it on and letting the presentation do the work! Each module lasts approximately 30-40 minutes. Skills span the curriculum: teamwork, planning, creativity, spoken and written communications, time management, co-operation, flexibility, problem solving, budgeting and crucially, facing difficulties with a positive, proactive attitude.

All of the programmes can be run in the classroom. Some are also suitable for students to complete individually. Find out more below or Get in touch for more details.

Primary Digital Programmes

Ourselves (P2 Foundation)

Students learn about the importance of saving, earning, decision making and teamwork through story-book characters.

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Our Families (KS1)

Students identify family members and learn about the basic living needs and wants that they have.

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Our Community

Students will look at the people, shops and services which make up a community and get introduced to tax and voting.

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Our World

Students learn what countries of the world rely on each other for resources.

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Our City

Students are introduced to the idea that cities are made up of different areas or zones in which activities are vital for city life.

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Business Beginnings (KS2)

Students set up and run their own business. Discovering their strengths taking on job roles and how to sell their product.

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Post-Primary Digital Programmes

Step Up – KS3 (Yr8)

Students will develop skills and positive attitudes as they make the leap from primary to post-primary school.

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Blast Off – KS3 (Yr9&10)

Students get an enterprise and entrepreneurship experience while enhancing employability skills.

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Learn To Earn (KS3)

Students will learn about career choices, personal skills, recruitment and the cost of living to help prepare for successful futures.

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QuickStart (KS3/ KS4)

The Programme is split into 7 Steps which takes students through running a business.

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Study Skills (KS4)

Students develop skills for life-long learning, time management and understanding how to create the right environment to work.

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You’re Hired (KS4)

Students develop their employability skills through learning how to complete a CV and job application form and then how to prepare for interview.

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My Money Matters

My Money Matters provides young people with the opportunity to explore their own attitudes to money and gain a few key financial skills to help them in the real world.

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Challenge: Biodiversity

Students will learn about "green" job opportunities and how local businesses are promoting and safeguarding biodiversity.

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Additional Resources

Your Money Matters Textbook

The free PDF version of the textbook contains a wealth of information, activities and top tips in relation to money and personal finance.

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My Money Week Resources

We have made all of the materials that have been developed over the last six years.

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YE Weekly Challenge

A variety of weekly challenges that will require your thinking caps on and creative juices flowing whilst learning from home.

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“In exceptional times, we can’t underestimate the value of offering continuity of teaching, school activities and interpersonal connections beyond the home,”

Carol Fitzsimons MBE, CEO, Young Enterprise Northern Ireland.

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