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Team Programme (SEN)

The only programme of its kind in the UK designed to help students with learning difficulties or disabilities learn about business & run a real company at their own pace. Team Programme is an enterprise journey, designed to aid young people’s transition from education into independent living and employment. The programme develops confidence and life skills through working as a team to set up and run an enterprise.

Student Group: Ages 15-19+

Teacher Feedback:

  • What are the challenges of the young people that you work with?
    Opportunities of inclusivity of age-related peers are limited. There is a misconception that young people attend Ceara for social / residential purposes, but young people are here to be taught. Limited opportunities for young people to learn transitional skills.
  • What difference does our programme make to the lives of your young people?
    The programme gives our young people a sense of worth / being involved and included in an age-related peer programme. Its so rewarding for young people to have the same opportunities and the social inclusion. Its embedding equality
  • What do you consider the need to be for our programmes?
    This programme is fundamental in providing literacy and numeracy skills. It encompasses financial capability, develops thinking skills and encourages young people to ask questions.
  • What changes might you suggest enhancing the programme?
    COVID permitting developing more links with local community representatives to develop a familiarity between young people and local businesses. Introducing volunteers from all sectors so young people can engage with and understand the types of skills that are needed to carry out specific roles.
  • Would you recommend Young Enterprise programmes to others and if so, why?
    Yes, definitely both in mainstream and SEN schools because the programmes help young people to develop skills that they will need in everyday life. It is so important for young people to be able to make decisions and have an awareness of money and where things come from, so they are able to budget and demonstrate responsibility and accountability.

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