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Taking The First Steps #1

We are asked lots of questions from the students, teachers, parents and businesses we engage with year on year. Questions about entrepreneurship, starting a business, the skills employers are looking for and many many more. So over the coming months we, along with a rich list of contributors, are going to answer as many of those questions as possible.

With the launch of our most recent programme ‘StartUp’ in partnership with Ulster University we are now offering our company programme experience at all stages of education: Primary, Secondary and University, so there is no better time to launch Our “Young Entrepreneur” podcast which, we hope will educate inform and inspire any one of our young people who want to start and run their own business.

This podcast is for you and we would love to hear from you. To submit a question or a short story to the show, please download the Anchor app, and send us a message, or send an audio clip to by email. Let us know where you’re from, and we’ll be able to play your message in the show, and also answer it.

We look forward to sharing our next podcast with you where we will discuss entrepreneurship and what it actually means. But for now…Enjoy!

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