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Stepping up to the challenges of change

Enterprise Education Symposium
Stepping up to the challenges of change. Business leaders and educators from across Northern Ireland came together at the recent Young Enterprise Education Symposium at Parliament buildings to discuss the vital role of Enterprise Education in the Education Policy & NI Curriculum. Panels, made of  top business people, Department of Education, CCEA and head principles from across the country, discussed Enterprise Education international best practice and the increasing demand from business for skills development among school children. This development is vital in young people for the world of work from an early age.


Speaking at the event, Tim Brundle, University of Ulster and Chairman of Young Enterprise said:

“In a world of uncertainty, one thing remains certain, the next generation needs to be equipped with the creativity, resilience and adaptability to navigate a rapidly changing landscape and develop solutions. This is where Young Enterprise has become more vital than ever. The charity’s goal is to forge a connected world of young people, business volunteers and educators dedicated to succeeding through enterprise. Young Enterprise provides every young person across Northern Ireland, regardless of age, gender, background or location, with the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial and employability skills; helping prepare them for tomorrow and gain the tools and confidence our economy needs to thrive”


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